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Guided By Voices breaks up, for real

The club is closed. Ten years after going into retirement in 2004 and three years after its last “farewell show” in 2011, Guided By Voices has officially broken up. (The band has been touring and releasing albums with its “classic” mid-‘90s lineup since 2010.) The news was announced earlier this afternoon via a statement on the band’s website:

Guided By Voices has come to an end. With 4 years of great shows and six killer albums, it was a hell of a comeback run. The remaining shows in the next two months are unfortunately canceled. Our sincere apologies to those that have purchased tickets and made travel plans. Thanks to everyone who has supported GBV.


The canceled dates include a handful of shows in the band’s home state of Ohio, along with cities in the South and Midwest. Fans who have already purchased tickets will be refunded by their respective venues, so let’s all raise a glass (or can) in honor of Dayton’s own dearly departed monsters of lo-fi.

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