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Guess who J. Smith Cameron got when she took a “Which Succession Character Are You” quiz?

Photo: Peter Kramer (HBO)

Succession has ably picked up the “feuding family HBO drama” mantle that Game Of Thrones left behind, turning into a Sunday night must-watch for viewers now hooked on the back-stabbing goings-on of the Roy family/American monarchy. As general counsel to Waystar Royco, J. Smith Cameron’s Gerri often functions as the sole voice of reason in the barb-filled boardroom (she’s also Roman’s, uh, “mentor” and Shiv’s godmother).

Like many of us invested in the highly addictive series, Smith Cameron took to BuzzFeed to take the recently posted “What Succession Character Are You?” quiz. After answering questions about her favorite Muppet and type of social event and whether she was “mysterious,” “funny,” “powerful,” or “depressed,” she got the following response:


Hah, she got Roman, which is both twisted and absolutely perfect, what with the two having embarked on a—well, it’s not really sexual, is it?—relationship wherein she berates him relentlessly as he masturbates. “Oh dear,” she commented, claiming she is now “ruined.

Hey, it could be worse. Someone who shall remain nameless also took the quiz and got Marcia, a.k.a. the dullest character on the show. Really, BuzzFeed? We would have been happier with Connor, for god’s sake.

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