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Guardians Of The Galaxy's James Gunn is now just totally screwing with us on this space raccoon thing

After weeks of Marvel’s Guardians Of The Galaxy casting every other character besides its space raccoon—even bringing in some unexpected characters, possibly even making some up just for the laughs—director James Gunn is now officially just fucking with us. “I’ve just hired a new gaffer for the shoot. Chewing on wires is good, right?” Gunn tweeted alongside this image of the ordinary, clearly non-space raccoon he had brought to the set, ostensibly as a means of studying its movements to inform the film’s CGI-ed Rocket Raccoon, but more obviously as a means of studying just how far he can push us on this whole raccoon thing. Hilarious, James Gunn. Now strap a laser to that goddamn raccoon so we can rest.


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