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Illustration for article titled iGuardians Of The Galaxy/i to get interactive with new Telltale adventure games

Offering up the hope that we might someday all get to program a mixtape full of easily digestible ’60s and ’70s pop hits to save the universe with, adventure game creators and licensed gaming wunderkinds Telltale Games have announced that Guardians Of The Galaxy will be the next game to get their signature interactive treatment. The reveal came during The Game Awards tonight, where Telltale showed off a quick teaser trailer for Guardians Of The Galaxy: The Telltale Series.

Telltale has a long history with transforming hit franchises into well-received games; The Walking Dead, Fables, Game Of Thrones, and Batman have all been turned into moody games built on the concept of difficult moral choice. As noted by Kotaku, the company even has experience with ragtag groups of outgunned losers fighting to keep the universe from crapping the bed, with its Tales From The Borderlands series carrying a very Peter Quill-esque vibe. The five-part Guardians Of The Galaxy series is expected to arrive some time in the near future, on computers, phones, and consoles.


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