Following months of Guardians Of The Galaxy reports that remained as frustratingly unforthcoming as an ordinary, non-space raccoon, Marvel may finally be ready to tell us who its damn space raccoon is already. As first reported by Latino Review—and as later confirmed to The Hollywood Reporter—it’s Bradley Cooper, who is in early talks to lend the sort of Oscar-nominated gravitas a part like Rocket Raccoon demands, particularly after having built it up this much. After all, there were some who once doubted Bradley Cooper’s own believability, back when he was first attempting to break out of frattish comedy roles and into more dramatic territory. And what is this if not exactly like being a raccoon attempting to convince others he can wield machine guns and fly through space? Anyway, should these talks pan out, it seems that Guardians Of The Galaxy’s two biggest box-office draws will be hidden behind talking trees and space raccoons—but more importantly, that we can finally rest, our minds at last set free like a raccoon strapped to a rocket.