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Guardians Of The Galaxy casts Benicio Del Toro in unspecified damn it, just tell us who the raccoon is already

As Marvel’s Guardians Of The Galaxy continues to quickly ramp up its cast, Benicio Del Toro has landed what is described by Deadline as a “lead role,” and described by us as goddamn it, just tell us who the raccoon is already. Hey Marvel, PRESENT YOUR SPACE RACCOON. Instead, in keeping with many other Guardians announcements, Del Toro’s character is being kept under wraps, though clues as to his importance could lie in the fact that he’s signed a deal including options to appear in multiple Marvel movies, which should fuel speculation and/or jokes about his finally getting to play Khan. However, such a deal is not unusual with Marvel, so that doesn’t really tell us much, nor does it have the word “raccoon” anywhere in it. We’ve been up and down this ship, we’ve been in every fucking room, and there is No. Fucking. Raccoon.


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