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Guardians fans have raised thousands to put up a "Rehire James Gunn" billboard near Disneyland

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James Gunn might have begun moving on from his unceremonious, troll-guided firing from Marvel’s ludicrously popular Guardians Of The Galaxy franchise, but that doesn’t mean his fans have. The Wrap reports that a new billboard has just gone up near Disneyland in California, informing Marvel Studios’ corporate masters—and the tens of thousands of mouse-obsessed families who visit them every year—that there are some people out there who would really like it if Gunn could come back to work on the dancing space raccoon movie again, please.


Fans have been raising money for the billboard for the last month or so, and have reportedly pooled together a somewhat baffling $4,850. That’s only less than half their stated goal, too; the real idea is to get two billboards going, with one down by Disney World in Florida, to really increase the saturation of people going, “Oh, yeah, I guess that would be nice.”

There are only a few factors in the way of the plan achieving its ultimate goal, really. One is that Disney (which has suggested it’ll at least be using Gunn’s already-written script for the third Guardians movie) has made it clear in no uncertain terms that it’s not bringing him back to direct, and it’s not really the sort of cheerful, loving, family-friendly company that goes back on its fucking word once the blood oath has been issued. And, as we noted, Gunn has apparently already moved on to other cinematic universes, and would presumably appreciate it if all these fervent fans spent that money on tickets to go see the eventual Suicide Squad 2which he’s writing and potentially directing—instead.

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