Because Americans—and especially cheap, toy-crazy Americans—want what they want when they want it, but don’t want to have to pay for it, there’s a Netflix for Lego. offers hundreds of Lego sets for rent by the month, with each set coming “sanitized” and ready to assault your feet. There’s free shipping both ways, and if the renter loses a piece (and who wouldn’t), they won’t be charged for its absence. Small sets start at $15 a month, with larger sets—like the Firehouse or whatever massive Harry Potter thing your kids might want—running a cool $39 per month. Renters can keep the sets as long as they like, though considering something like the Cargo Train costs $199.99, keeping it for more than a couple of months seems sort of like a waste of money,. Although, Pley does also sell its sets to renters at a reduced rate.