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GSN greenlights super spooky horror game show Hellevator

The Shining

Back in November, we reported that the Game Show Network was developing—among other things—a horror-themed game show that involved trapping contestants in a terrifying multi-level warehouse full of scary challenges. It all sounded a little like one of the later Saw movies (the fourth one, maybe?), but with fewer people who die in ironic-ish ways. Although considering that the show was created by Blumhouse Productions, maybe Paranormal Activity, Sinister, or Insidious would be a better reference point.

Whatever horror movie you choose to compare it to, the show—Hellevator—has just been given a greenlight from GSN. With that greenlight, a GSN press release also gives us a more involved description of how Hellevator will actually work: Three contestants will enter “a haunted elevator” and ride it to “various levels of an abandoned warehouse.” (Please note that the elevator is “haunted,” but the warehouse is simply “abandoned.”) A player will then get out on each floor and “conquer a frightening challenge.” If they fail, the Hellevator will go on without them, and they’ll be dragged into the darkness like Tony Goldwyn in Ghost. While all this is happening, horror directors Jen and Sylvia Soska (American Mary) will tell the vampires when they should jump out of the coffins and control when the animatronic skeletons will pop out of the closets.


Hellevator will premiere with eight episodes later this year.

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