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Grumpy Cat to experience the joylessness of a Lifetime holiday movie

Combining the boundless comedy idea of the Grumpy Cat meme with the equally limitless story of a Lifetime holiday movie, the network is currently prepping one of its annual films about a busy professional woman’s Christmas briefly being threatened but then it isn’t, starring a cat that seems pissed but its face just looks like that. Grumpy Cat’s Worst Christmas Ever is currently in the works, according to The Hollywood Reporter, with Grumpy Cat taking a break from hanging out with famous people to star in a Lifetime movie, this one about “a pet-store cat that is perpetually overlooked and the 12-year-old girl who can communicate with her.” That communication will be aided by a yet-to-be-cast voice for Grumpy Cat, as the network considers who can lend it the proper perpetually aggrieved tone—especially seeing as John Houseman made the mistake of dying before he could be an Internet cat.

Sensing that basing a Lifetime Christmas movie off memes—including some other, unnamed online fads that are set to make cameos—is almost, but not quite enough to make it “hip,” network VP Arturo Interian added that the film would be “a little Home Alone and a little Die Hard,” referencing two movies that were released nearly a decade before the bulk of Grumpy Cat’s fanbase was born.


In response to having a cat move in on her Christmas TV movie turf, Haylie Duff has vowed to launch her own Grumpy Haylie Duff meme.

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