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Grumpy Cat movie to explore all of the comedic angle of Grumpy Cat

Forever searching for his next big comedy full of big comedy idea, Jack And Jill producer Todd Garner is developing a movie based on Grumpy Cat, the popular Internet meme in which a cat appears to be frowning and that’s it. “This started off as a picture of a cat, but rare is an image that evokes that much comedy,” Garner, who previously explored the comedy in a picture of Adam Sandler in a wig, tells Deadline of his latest source of inspiration. Garner says he now hopes to turn that picture of a cat into a moving picture of a talking cat in the vein of Garfield, thus fully exploring all of its comedic angle to delight audience member everywhere. Said cat—real name Tardar Sauce—is already on board through its manager and rep (which are things the cat has), hoping to capitalize on a fame that saw it absolutely sweep MSNBC’s “Most Influential Cat of 2012” in honor of its many important accomplishment. And with the new movie promising even more hilarious Grumpy Cat joke on the horizon, it seems the meme will still be entertaining for year to come.


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