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Grown Ups sequel in early stages of being slapped together

Grown Ups, Adam Sandler’s philosophical exploration of aging and its effect on the strengths of friendship and farts, is currently being considered for a sequel, Variety reports. Technically, Grown Ups 2: We’ve Chocolate Wasted Our Lives would be the first sequel for Sandler, who generally likes to invent fresh scenarios to interpret his work’s most common themes, i.e. the celebration of innocence, unapologetic honesty about ethnicity, Kevin James fatty fatty fat fat, etc. But apparently, Grown Ups’ particular conceit of a group of childhood friends reconvening, reverting to adolescent behavior, and laughing at mortality as mortality slips and falls on its testicles proved too fertile not to revisit. Also, no one is just going to pay Sandler and his friends several million dollars to go on vacation, so they have to make a movie.

The plot details, circumstances under which Rob Schneider will be humiliated, and soppy lines handed out to adorable moppets are still a matter of speculation at this point, but Variety notes that Sony has hired Saturday Night Live writer Fred Wolf to come up with a fresh batch of four or five jokes that can be repeated with slight variations for 90 minutes. Should those jokes cause Sandler to make that signature braying “Ohhhhhhh” sound when they are texted to him, Sandler will once again agree to put on some cargo shorts and get down to the business of filmmaking for 45 minutes a day, or possibly longer if that’s what it takes.


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