Although Parks And Recreation is currently in its annual downtime, Nick Offerman has still found a way to bring stability to the world through his facial hair: He’s growing out his reassuringly stalwart Ron Swanson mustache into a full-on beard—not just as a vacation from his character, but as part of an effort to conserve water for World Environment Day, which takes place this Sunday. Offerman has teamed with Budweiser in the “Grow One. Save A Million” campaign, asking other men to join him in not shaving, thereby helping to save the average five gallons of water every guy consumes when he uses his non-electric razor. If you want to pledge your own support, you can do so at Budweiser’s Facebook page. Or you could just grow a Ron Swanson-approved beard on your own and avoid getting involved with what is essentially a marketing scheme. After all, “Ron Fucking Swanson told me to” is already a pretty good excuse not to shave, followed closely by water conservation, with “helping Budweiser get more Facebook fans” lingering somewhere after, I don’t know, preventing the extinction of the mosquito.