Grover on Sesame Street (Screenshot: YouTube)

Sometimes, it’s really worth it to follow the Twitter accounts of beloved children’s shows and their various colorful characters. One such occasion happened on Wednesday, when Grover from Sesame Street basically acted out an entire sketch in a series of escalating tweets. Along with his superhero cosplay and his extremely poor customer-service skills, Grover is largely known for his tendency to freak out over completely insignificant matters. And that’s precisely what happened when the main Sesame Street account tweeted this:

Grover, insecure and paranoid as ever, did not react at all well.


Relax. This isn’t Black Mirror. Longtime Grover fans might know where this is going. Yes, this is an updated version of the plot from The Monster At The End Of This Book, a Grover-centric classic first published in 1971 by Golden Press. That popular, critically acclaimed volume has been reissued five times since then and has appeared as an audiobook and an ebook as well. Now, it has reached its inevitable re-creation on social media. As always, Grover eventually comes to realize that the “monster” he fears is actually [spoiler alert] himself. That sounds like a deeply philosophical moment of self-realization, but Grover himself tends to shrug it off as a silly misunderstanding every time.


Sure, Grover. Whatever. Make this about something else.

[via The Daily Dot]