According to Variety Simpsons creator/God Matt Groening and showrunner Al Jean told Morgan Spurlock, who was, in their words, "interviewing the duo at the Mipcom sales mart for a creative keynote event" that the gang will not begin work on a sequel to the smash-hit Simpsons movie until the show ends its distinguished run. When will that be? Possibly never. "We cannot predict the end because we can't believe we are still here today," the article quotes Groening saying.

What's a Mipcom sales mart creative keynote event? Damned if I know. Merely typing those words makes my brainbone hurt. The first film took four years to make, so Groening admonishes fans not to hold their breath waiting for a follow-up. We remain, as always, ah fuck it, I am officially retiring that line. Look for an even more hackneyed closing line for Newswire posts soon.