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Illustration for article titled Grimes to headline first-ever comic-con concert, presumably to avoid the lines

Having recently established her geek bona fides by mashing together references to everything from Blade to Law & Order and Mad Max, Grimes is ready to take the next step into the world of comic conventions. No, it’s not rigging herself with a catheter to deal with the interminable lines—Billboard reports the Art Angels artist will headline Wizard World’s first-ever comic convention concert (comic-concert?).


The concert series is meant to accompany Wizard World’s exhibitors and celebrity guests, including most of the Marvel Cinematic Universe players. It will be held at Philadelphia’s Electric Factory on June 3, where Grimes will perform with her Acid Reign tourmate Hana. Wizard World COO Randy Malinoff tells Billboard that “including music is the next logical progression to provide a great experience for our fans. These live music events are a key component to the continued growth of our brand.” This is presumably great news for convention attendees who weren’t sure what to do in between their Hayley Atwell and Bob Gale meet-and-greets.

[via Pitchfork]

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