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Grimes says she wants to stage a public execution for herself

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Big news in the world of Grimes today—or rather c, as the artist, born Claire Boucher, has recently changed her name to. (That’s a reference to the speed of light, a.k.a. the pace at which her eyes apparently roll when interviewers ask her about her relationship with Elon Musk.) Besides the name change—and a declaration that she might soon be killing off the “Grimes” brand entirely, staging a “public execution” for her former self—she’s also just announced a new album, in which she’ll play the “anthropomorphic goddess of climate change” and celebrate the oncoming extinction of the human race. Also: She might try to eat an elephant, so, again: Big day for Grimes!


Said planet-destroying death goddess is apparently named Miss_Anthropocene, also the name of her just-announced album. She’s meant to represent “A psychedelic, space-dwelling demon/ beauty-Queen who relishes the end of the world.” Also: “She’s composed of Ivory and Oil” and apparently looks like this:

All of which would, admittedly, seem like little more than the stoned rantings of your typical college freshman (see also half of the projects executed by the aforementioned Musk), except for the fact that Grimes has produced some pretty amazing music over the years. Hence, she has the resources and the ambition to ensure that whatever comes out of her efforts will be, at the very least, interesting, even if it’s interesting in a “watch a pop and indie star turn herself into a garbage demon” sort of way. Meanwhile, her ideas for the album’s art—revealed, like lots of other weird tidbits, in a recent interview she gave to The Wall Street Journal—are already some top-notch nightmare fuel. Here’s her prospective plans for an album “PSA,” which, bafflingly, would apparently run on MSNBC, the cable news network that is always hungry for nude Last Supper parodies:

She has this idea, though she thinks it’s likely too expensive to pull off: She’s sitting naked at a table like it’s The Last Supper, only she’s surrounded by endangered-animal corpses, and she—Grimes/Miss Anthropocine—is eating the bloodied bits of raw flesh. “Like, I’m eating an elephant head.”