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Grimes’ new video lures in the nerds, then forces them to dance

Four months after releasing the pop explosion of Art Angelsour fourth favorite album of 2015—onto the world, Canadian artist Grimes has deployed a new music video in support of the album. This time, she’s taken a grab bag of nerd-heavy pop culture references and memes—superheroes, Mad Max, Law & Order, and Dark Souls, just to name a few—loaded them into a shotgun, and fired them (along with a bunch of random cosplay clothes) at the screen, while the electronic-heavy “Kill V. Maim” plays underneath. We can only assume this is part of some kind of elaborate plan to tempt nerds onto the dancefloor, where their frail, weak bodies will be subjected to the song’s endlessly danceable rhythm. (Or Grimes just took a bunch of crap she liked and tossed it in a video, along with a bunch of dancers who look like they come from a world where Comic-Con is a dark and gritty affair; either way, it’s pretty fun to watch.)

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