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Grimes hid a secret ambient track on SoundCloud and fans instantly found it

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Give internet sleuths enough time and they’ll find just about anything. That’s a lesson Grimes learned recently when, as reported by Stereogum, the singer teased the existence of a previously unreleased track hidden somewhere on SoundCloud. In a throwaway comment on an unrelated Instagram post, the singer—who is still going by Grimes, by the way—virtually taunted her followers with a mention of this secret new song saying, “I doubt you can find it but if you can I dunno, there it tis.” Well, Grimes should really have more faith in her fans because it only took a couple hours before someone posted the ambient, psychedelic song on the Grimes subreddit.


Uploaded six days ago, “принцесса” (Russian for “princess”) is the sole track posted by username Dark, whose location is listed as “Death Star, Antarctica,” which we’re really hoping isn’t what Elon Musk calls his home. After listening to a few seconds of the song, however, it’s pretty clear that this is Grimes. It’s also clear that the immersive, atmospheric track is not “a piece of crap,” as she has so branded her 2015 album Art Angels. 

It’s possible this song (or some version of it) will appear on Grimes’ upcoming, apocalypse-themed album Miss_Anthropocene, but, given that that the album is reportedly salvaged together from numerous abandoned projects, this may have just been a bit of jetsam the singer couldn’t slot in anywhere else. Regardless, it’s nice to have some new Grimes music in the world, even if we had to work a little harder for it.

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