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Greys make the most of a Guns N’ Roses dig on “Use Your Delusion”

When Greys drops its debut full-length If Anything on Carpark Records this June it’ll surely get a lot of comparisons to METZ, another Toronto band that deals in the same kind of groove-laced punk. The existence of the two bands that specialize in big, blown-out riffs suggests Hot Snakes records were offered up free to Toronto kids, resulting in bands that, years later, expertly fill in for Hot Snakes’ absence. On the follow-up to “Guy Picciotto” Greys switches from referencing Fugazi to making a play on Guns N’ Roses pair of 1991 albums with “Use Your Delusion,” further proving that though the group shares some stylistic similarities with METZ, it’s hardly living in its shadow. “Use Your Delusion” works  in start-stop motions, allowing vocalist Shehzaad Jiwani to make a powerful approximation of an In Utero-era Kurt Cobain as Greys hammers away with its combustive concoction.

The A.V. Club is premiering “Use Your Delusion” below, and If Anything will be out on June 17 as a split release between Carpark and Buzz Records. Greys also has a weekend’s worth of shows coming up, which can be found below.


May 16–Death By Audio–Brooklyn, New York
May 17–Golden Tea House–Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
May 18–Great Scott–Allston, Massachusetts

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