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Grey's Anatomy renewed for season 15, becoming ABC's longest-running primetime drama series ever

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Photo: Byron Cohen (ABC)

While Scandals may blow over, co-stars may die, and even living content well Shonda Rhimes might depart for richer, more digital pastures, the core crew at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital continues to soldier on. Variety reports that ABC has just renewed its functionally unkillable medical drama Grey’s Anatomy for a landmark 15th season, officially making the show the network’s longest-running primetime drama series ever.


Still starring Ellen Pompeo as Meredith Grey, a woman who has seen some serious shit by this point, the show remains one of ABC’s highest-rated offerings despite its advancing years. Hence, presumably, why the network continues to renew the series, even after creator Rhimes announced last year that she was jumping ship to start developing shows for Netflix. (Rhimes will continue to serve as a producer on Grey’s and her other ABC shows for as long as they continue to run, although it’s worth noting that Krista Vernnoff is the series’ actual showrunner.)  

Grey’s recently aired its 300th episode, planting it firmly in Gunsmoke, ER, and Law & Order territory when it comes to mainstream longevity in TV.

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