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Don’t look for those “is that show still on” jokes about Grey’s Anatomy to end anytime soon. ABC announces today that Grey Sloane Hospital will continue operations for at least two additional seasons, extending into seasons 16 and 17. This makes it the longest-running medical drama ever, finally zooming past the 15 seasons of ER.

In other Shondaland news, ABC is also renewing the rest of its TGIT schedule, with Grey’s spin-off Station 19 heading into a third season and Viola Davis’ legal juggernaut How To Get Away With Murder going into season six. Such is the strength of Grey’s that it is able to hold up a lesser show like Station 19, a cliché-ridden soap opera masquerading as a firehouse.


Although Rhimes and her producing partner Betsy Beers have now set up shop at Netflix, they remain executive producers on the above shows.

The 15th season of Grey’s winds up next week in typically spectacular fashion. This year’s natural disaster attacking the hospital: fog! Also DeLuca’s in handcuffs and Teddy’s in labor and if you don’t know who those people are, just substitute “McDreamy” and “Izzy” and it will still kind of make sense, sort of.

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