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Greta Van Susteren is also bailing on Fox News

(Photo: Getty Images, Slaven Vlasic)

Though we’re probably rapidly approaching the day when Fox News is the only TV network allowed to enter the White House press room, some of its most famous contributors are jumping ship as fast as they can. Earlier this week, Megyn Kelly announced that she was leaving Fox News for the similarly Trump-loving NBC, and now Deadline is reporting that Greta Van Susteren is getting her own show on Fox News rival MSNBC. Her show will be titled For The Record With Greta—a not-so-subtle spin on her Fox News show On The Record—and it will be replacing Bloomberg’s With All Due Respect when it premieres on January 9.

Van Susteren actually left Fox News back in September after taking advantage of a clause in her contract that allowed her to leave if network head Roger Ailes also left—which he did in July, shortly after everyone realized he was an (alleged) sexual harassment monster.


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