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Greg Grunberg has been viciously pulled back in for Heroes Reborn

Greg Grunberg in Big Ass Spider!

NBC must have located the super-powered person whose ability entails getting actors to sign on to new iterations of projects that spiraled into ignominy the first time around, as the network’s new limited-run version of Heroes Reborn keeps managing to pull back in actors who thought they had broken free of its evil grip. The latest man to fall to the diabolical machinations of this scheme is Greg Grunberg, whom Entertainment Weekly reports has just signed on for a guest starring arc in the revival.

Grunberg played telepathic detective Matt Parkman in the original series, a good guy who managed to help fight evil despite his predilection for being stuck in particularly lackluster storylines. He joins fellow Stockholm Syndrome victims Jack Coleman, Masi Oka, and Jimmy Jean-Louis in coming back to the show; Zachary Levi is leading the new cast of faces who may or may not be as wildly inconsistent in characterization as the old. NBC is no doubt tenting its fingers as we speak, a sleeping Persian cat reclining in its lap as it spins about in an oversized chair, cackling. Who will be the next former hero to be sucked in by its infernal tractor beam? Stay tuned.


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