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Greg Grunberg also used the “Hey, buddy” approach to get in Star Wars

Following the Mark Ruffalo method of just sort of casually hitting up your old friend, suggesting you maybe get together and catch up—and also make a Star Wars movie—Greg Grunberg has landed a role in Episode VII: The Empire Has A Few Buddies Over, No Big Deal. Grunberg sort-of revealed the news on Twitter in response to a guy who just asked him—which, apparently you can just do that. Everybody go try it out on a celebrity you follow, and we can probably have the whole cast list sewed up within 48 hours.


Grunberg—as seen in this handy, clip-and-save /Film timeline—has a long relationship with J.J. Abrams that extends all the way back to childhood, when they first started making home movies together. Since then, Grunberg’s been included in every project where Abrams can fit him in, and therefore it would have been incredibly rude for the sudden exception to have been a new Star Wars movie.

Meanwhile, your own friends aren’t doing shit to get you in Star Wars. Why do you even hang out with them?

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