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The number of those condemned to be human flotsam when The Office's ship finally sinks continues to dwindle: Brian Baumgartner, better known as slow-witted accountant Kevin Malone, has just been salvaged for repurposing with a starring role in Greg Daniels' new show for ABC. It's an as-yet-untitled single-camera comedy written by Parks And Recreation's Harris Whittels, starring Baumgartner as a guy named Norman, a "mid-level airline executive who fights to experience winning again… at anything," such as that game where you make flying as degrading an experience as humanly possible. That should be easy to win. Anyway, it's the second Greg Daniels-produced project for one of his Office alums, following his recent deal for Craig Robinson, so we're definitely beginning to see who his favorites are. No doubt Oscar Nunez and Ellie Kemper are already desperately pitching him on a modern-day I Love Lucy right now.


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