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Greg Berlanti to direct Rock Hudson biopic

Photo: Hulton Archive (Getty Images)

You’d think Greg Berlanti would be a busy man, considering that he holds the all-time record for producing the most live-action scripted drama shows currently on the air, but apparently that’s a very easy job because he still has time to direct movies. He made Love, Simon, which came out earlier this year, and now Deadline says he’s working with Universal to make a biopic about ‘50s-’60s Hollywood icon—and closeted gay man—Rock Hudson. He made several romantic comedies, starred in McMillan & Wife, and earned an Oscar nomination alongside co-star James Dean for George Stevens’ 1956 Western drama Giant before being diagnosed with HIV and dying from AIDS-related complications in 1985. Hudson was one of the first prominent celebrities to die from AIDS-related causes, and his death helped raised the visibility of AIDS and the need for more funding and research dedicated to it.

The movie will be based on the upcoming Mark Griffin book All That Heaven Allows: A Biography Of Rock Hudson.


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