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Unless you’re a TV network executive or a big fan of Crackle, it’s easy to think of Netflix as a reasonably positive thing. It has a lot of good original shows, it has the complete runs of Gilmore Girls and Friends, and it has remained relatively affordable (give or take a few price hikes here and there). Unfortunately, video streaming has begun to account for a huge energy footprint, and apparently a lot of the data centers that house Netflix’s precious content are powered by non-renewable energy sources like coal.

Because of that, Greenpeace has decided to call out Netflix for its reliance on so-called “dirty energy” with a video that pokes fun at the style of Netflix’s trailers through the use of on-screen text and brilliantly selected clips from a bunch of Netflix originals. In fact, the video is so well-made that it almost seems like it actually is an ad for Netflix—it just happens to be one that’s all about telling Netflix to stop being so harmful to the planet.

Greenpeace is also taking shots at Netflix on social media:


At this point, it doesn’t seem like Netflix has responded.

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