Photo: Daniel Torok/Getty Images

The injustices of the Bush presidency were fodder for Green Day: Now the band is turning its attention to President-elect Donald Trump with a rousing, pissed-off chant at the American Music Awards. In the middle of a performance of the song “Bang Bang,” Billie Joe Armstrong led his bandmates as they repeated, “No Trump! No KKK! No fascist USA!” It’s certainly more blunt than the Hamilton cast’s plea for the new administration to represent all Americans. You can watch Green Day’s protest via Billboard below:


The second-rate music awards show contained a couple of other references to the current political climate. Model Gigi Hadid, who was hosting the show, busted out a thoroughly okay Melania Trump impression, that nonetheless enraged some. For what it’s worth, Hadid had nothing on Laura Benanti. Additionally, Idina Menzel expressed her love for Hamilton while bantering with Trump enemy Mark Cuban as a presenter. She mocked the president-elect’s tweet demanding an apology from the show’s cast and saying ”the theater must always be a safe and special place” by dropping a reference to “us unsafe, scary theater people.” But those were somewhat tongue-in-cheek allusions—Green Day was not there to joke around.