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Illustration for article titled iGreen Book /ibombshell: Producer says it was aimed at an older white audience
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Some news is enlightening, some news is shocking, and some news is shockingly enlightening. This is not one of those. This is one of those “dog bites man, water is wet” stories, not a “James Gunn fired by Marvel, James Gunn re-hired by Marvel.” Still, sometimes it’s worth checking in to make sure that water is indeed still wet, just to make sure we’re all still sane in this wacky, weird world. So what’s this entirely unsurprising news? Well, according to Yahoo, Green Book producer Jonathan King has revealed that the Oscar-winning movie was actually meant to be targeted at an audience is “largely older and largely white.”


No way, really? The movie about the older white guy who learns that racism is wrong by befriending a black guy? Whoa! To be fair, King does say that this was a purposeful decision, saying at a panel on diversity and inclusion, “if you believe that older white people don’t need to be told to be less racist anymore because that’s an issue from the past, look around. Because they do.” He also noted that you do “occasionally” need to make movies specifically for older white people, for whenever they need to be reminded about basic morality, but that line does seem to ignore that a whole lot of media in general is already made just for older white people.

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