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Great news, fans of cheating and trashy TV: Temptation Island is coming back

The cast of Temptation Island 3, which you obviously knew already
Photo: Frederick M. Brown (Getty Images)

America’s married couples have been living comfortably for far too long now, so production company Banijay Group has announced that it’s bringing back the single greatest threat to monogamy that has ever been unleashed on television. We are referring, of course, to Temptation Island, the early-2000s Fox reality series in which married people were split up and forced to live on a sexy island with some sexy singles to see if their relationship could hold up under those extremely weird and sexy circumstances. That comes from Deadline, which says no specific TV networks are officially attached, but surely some outlet will jump at the chance to get on board with the unraveling marriages and gross hot tub action of Temptation Island.

Banijay Group is also working on some kind of content distribution deal with Twitter, so hopefully it’ll be really easy for all of us to share our favorite Temptation Island moments with our social media friends. This all sounds like a lot of fun, right?


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