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Gravity gets a Blu-ray release that lets you experience the silence of space

Warner Bros. is putting out a Blu-ray version of its 2013 blockbuster Gravity with the option to turn off the film’s score during spacewalk sequences. The “Diamond Luxe” edition of the film, set to release on Blu-ray in February 2015, gives users the option to watch the film in “Silent Space” mode, removing Steven Price’s Academy Award-winning score. It’s the perfect gift for that friend of yours who kept standing up in the theater during Sandra Bullock’s tense, terrifying sojourns in the black and demanding, “But where are the drums coming from?!”

If the Diamond Luxe edition of Gravity is a success, maybe we’ll see Warner Bros. apply the strategy to other Oscar-winning film features. A cut of Her with all of Spike Jonze’s award-winning dialogue stripped out, perhaps, or a Blu-ray of Argo that’s nothing but a blank disc with Ben Affleck’s face stamped on the front.


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