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Gravity Falls

Showrunners, like carnival folk or the majestic Manx shearwater, are a transitory lot, always ready to move on to the next town or show or coastal nesting habitat once the greasepaint is stripped or the weather starts to turn. And despite the critical adoration heaped on Disney XD’s Gravity Falls—and his own clear affection for the weird world of Dipper and Mabel Pines—creator Alex Hirsch is no different. So although the show is still a few weeks away from airing its final hour-long episode on February 15, Variety is reporting that Hirsch has already lined up his next project, a new animated show at Fox.

Outside of its existence, pretty much nothing is known about the new series, although the move to The House That Springfield Built And Family Guy Refinanced suggests Hirsch might be shifting into a more adult mindset for his work. “I’m cooking up some brand-new weirdness,” he promised, which, coming from a guy who created a show where an evil Lovecraftian triangle battles a pair of preteens capable of hallucinating stuff like this, is certainly no idle threat.


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