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Record Store Day is quickly approaching, bringing with it hundreds of exclusive releases, reissues, and curiously colored LPs. And while the major labels always flood the pseudo-holiday with big-name releases, some of the best stuff always comes from the little guys, the labels with the time and energy to be creative about what they do. Take, for instance, Graveface’s forthcoming split between Irish garage pop group Dott and California’s Night School. It’s a symbiotic blend of tunes, one that’s both dreamy and a little aggressive, and a perfect release to celebrate the current state of the music industry. Below, A.V. Club readers can check out Dott’s contribution to the split, “Car Song.” Slightly atonal but with notes of shoegaze and the Vaselines, the track sounds ripped from the set of The Adventures Of Pete And Pete—and that’s absolutely meant as the highest compliment.


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