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(Image: Nigel Evan Dennis)

Beyond its pleasures as a vehicle for nostalgia and pulpy sci-fi action, Netflix’s Stranger Things works best as an exercise in aesthetics. From the music, to the graphic design, to the costumes and the iconic visuals—Joyce Byers huddled in a cabinet, talking to her missing son, or psychic waif Eleven standing in the spotlit watery space between worlds—it’s a treasure trove for the eyes and ears.

(Image: Nigel Evan Dennis)

Now, graphic artist Nigel Evan Dennis—who gave a similar treatment to True Detective that we covered last year—has put together a lovely little tribute to the show, drawing all of its characters—and a few of its most exciting moments—in a blank-faced style that manages to make even the feared Demogorgon look lovely. Featuring short text pieces by Tim O’Neill—and a requisite tribute to Barb, the show’s unsung hero—“Her Name Is Eleven?” captures the show’s look while still having a distinctive feel. (Also, it serves as a nice reminder that the show’s brief diversion into the CIA’s MKUltra program is based in quantifiable, declassified fact.) Dennis is also selling prints from the collection, in case you’ve ever wanted a picture of one of those freaky eggs from The Upside-Down for yourself.

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