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Grant Gustin speeds his way into a new political drama

The Flash (Image: The CW)

TV’s Flash, Grant Gustin, has lined up one of his first film roles, with Deadline reporting that the former Glee star will be lending his talents to a new political drama, titled The Last Full Measure. Starring MCU veteran Sebastian “Bucky” Stan, the film centers on a group of lawyers and former soldiers fighting the political elite in order to get a posthumous Medal Of Honor for Gustin’s character, Airman First Class William H. Pitsenbarger.

Fittingly, given Gustin’s day job, Pitsenbarger was basically a real-life superhero, serving in Vietnam in the Air Force’s prestigious Pararescueman program—i.e., the guys who drop out of helicopters into active combat zones, evacuating wounded soldiers and saving lives. Pitsenbarger died in 1966, after ordering a damaged chopper crew to leave him in an active war zone so that he could provide medical care and support to a crew of pinned-down soldiers.


The movie will be Gustin’s second major film role; he previously co-starred in Kevin Asch’s 2014 feature Affluenza. He joins a ringer-filled cast, including Christopher Plummer, William Hurt, Samuel L. Jackson, Bradley Whitford, Michael Imperioli, and Linus Roache.

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