After a six-year self-imposed exile, Grandaddy emerged from its technological wasteland to play a couple of shows this week prior to its slot at Outside Lands this weekend. All the shows were in California, and the band doesn’t have any more scheduled, though frontman Jason Lytle does have a new solo record coming out. Fortunately for non-West Coast Grandaddy fans, though, the music nerds of the Internet out in full force, capturing a lot of the songs in shitty cell phone videos, many of which are popping up now on YouTube. Below, find “Jed’s Other Poem (Beautiful Ground),” “So You’ll Aim Towards The Sky,” “’Yeah’ Is What We Had” and “Fare Thee Not Well Mutineer,” which—if you can ignore the annoying members of the audience loudly singing along—are just about the best things online today.

[h/t Consequence Of Sound]