Other than all of the senseless murder, one of the best parts of Grand Theft Auto V—or any Grand Theft Auto—is simply driving around its virtual city and enjoying one of its meticulously curated radio stations. It’s like a built-in way for players who might be tired of the usual action nonsense to relax and just enjoy some tunes, and the unprecedented combination of driving a car and listening to music is one of those great ideas that is only really possible to pull off in a video game. Until now, that is.

As reported by Pitchfork, Rockstar Games—the studio behind the Grand Theft Auto series—will release an official soundtrack boxset for Grand Theft Auto V on December 9. The set will contain all of the original music composed for the game and “highlights of other music on the soundtrack,” which we assume refers to the licensed tracks used for the game’s radio stations. We don’t know what specific music will be included, by Pitchfork mentions A$AP Rocky, Tyler The Creator, Twin Shadow, Wavves, Flying Lotus, and Yeasayer. The set will be available on vinyl and CD, with the vinyl version including an exclusive book and poster and the CD version coming with a gold bar-shaped USB drive for some reason. People who want to recreate the game’s experience of driving a car while listening to music will need to get the CD version, obviously, unless they have a car with a turntable in it—which sounds super dangerous.