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Grand Budapest Hotel special-effects demo reveals soulless computers behind Wes Anderson’s quaint style

The films of Wes Anderson have long been revered for their warm, quaint, analog visual style—most recently in The Grand Budapest Hotel. What does it take to create such a thoroughly humane look? Ultimately, it takes the hard work of unfeeling special-effects computer rigs that churn out code in strict accordance with their programmers’ desires. And now, thanks to a Grand Budapest Hotel demo reel released by LOOK Effects—a visual post-production house that worked on the film—we can finally glimpse the efforts of cold mainframes like the Whimsy-Tron 7000 and the IBM Idiosyncrasy Matrix (“Deep Twee”). Watch as these digital servants apply a layer of hip retro style to Anderson’s raw footage before they are compelled to add another layer, and another, until their algorithmic machinations have achieved an effect that looks suitably unadulterated by modernity. It’s yet another insight into the crass and ceaseless assembly line of blockbusters that Wes Anderson has employed to become such a fearsome titan of Hollywood moviemaking. [via kottke.org]

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