Forgive Kanye West if he's not sure whether to be honored or upset by this year's Grammy nominations. West leads the list of nominees with seven nods, but My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy—the album the whole world decided was the best thing ever in 2010—was not recognized in the album of the year category. Adele, Foo Fighters and Bruno Mars were, and they each received six nominations total. (Lady Gaga and Rihanna also scored in the album of the year category.) Indie-folk act Bon Iver also did well, with nominations for song and record of the year (for "Holocene"), and best new artist. (The BNA category is reserved for artists never before nominated for a Grammy, even if they released their best record to date three years ago.) Other leading nominees include Lil Wayne and Skrillex, who each garnered five nods. If for some reason the phrase "Grammy-nominated artist Skrillex" hasn't plunged you into an existential crisis, you can go ahead and see a full list of nominees here. [via Variety]