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Gram Parsons makes a funeral pact in this exclusive clip from Disgraceland's season 7 premiere

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Jake Brennan’s wildly popular, ever-compelling Disgraceland podcast returns for its seventh season this week, kicking off with a dive into the life and death of oddball songwriter Gram Parsons. The podcast, which bristles with tales of the criminal corners of the music industry, will also unspool seedy stories about The Beatles, Tupac, the Ramones, and Oasis in its new season.

It begins, however, with the strange fate of Parsons, and The A.V. Club has an exclusive clip detailing the morbid funeral pact the singer made with his friend and collaborator Phil Kaufman. After enduring the depressing, staid funeral of Clarence White, a veteran of Kentucky Colonels and the Byrds, the pair promised each other that neither would allow the other to have a funeral so dire. Parsons, as you’ll hear, wanted his body burned at Joshua Tree National Park. The full story, as you’ll come to learn, gets even wilder from there.

Hear the clip below ahead of the episode’s January 12 premiere. 


On February 2, Disgraceland will become an Amazon Music exclusive. From then on, that’s where you’ll find all previous and future episodes of the podcast. And, based on its upcoming slate of episodes, you’ll want to follow it there. We can’t even imagine what gnarly shit Oasis has gotten up to over the years.

Listen to the season’s trailer here, and check out the full schedule below.

Jan 12: Gram Parsons

Jan 26: Tupac Part 1

Feb 2: Tupac Part 2

Feb 9: David Bowie

Feb 16: Ramones

Feb 23: The Beatles Part 1

Mar 2: The Beatles Part 2

Mar 9: Lil Wayne

Mar 16: New York Dolls

Mar 30: Oasis Part 1

Apr 13: Oasis Part 2

Apr 27: Lil Peep

May 11: Notorious B.I.G Part 1

May 25: Notorious B.I.G Part 2

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