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Grace Under Fire star Brett Butler is homeless now

Long before Charlie Sheen, another actor was ousted from a Chuck Lorre-created sitcom for their contentious behavior and rampant drug abuse—Brett Butler, who went from being touted as the obvious successor to Roseanne Barr with her Golden Globe-nominated starring role in ABC’s Grace Under Fire, to being touted as the obvious successor to Roseanne Barr with her reputation for being a diva and fighting with a revolving door of producers (including Lorre) and being sort of a crazy person. Now Butler has revealed just how far she fell after her frequent stints in rehab led to her show’s cancellation, telling Entertainment Tonight that she’s been living in a homeless shelter. People certainly were less forgiving of difficult drug addicts back in the ’90s.

While retracing the steps that led her from living in an L.A. mansion to her current digs, Butler lamented all the days she spent “making someone's day miserable over the choice of a word in a 22-minute show,” or how “a lot of times, I'd be an ass and didn't even think I was. Like, I'd call my managers and go, 'There's a white limo out here for an awards show,' and he'd say, 'Don't get in it. And he should have said, 'You ungrateful cracker, go get in the car. Go to the show, and they'll drop you out back.'" Instead, Butler says, she spent most of her salad days standing up her cracker-limo to do “everything but crack and needles pretty much,” to the point where ABC finally canceled her series and now here we are.


Though she admits she feels like an “old dog” Butler says she’s attempting a comeback based on returning to stand-up comedy, as well as “developing a reality TV show about her self-professed psychic abilities”—though of course, one might question a psychic who somehow failed to see that she would end up like this if she didn’t knock it off. Anyway, this is all pretty depressing. [via THR]


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