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Grab your popcorn and your creepy bags of human skin: There's another Saw movie in the works

Photo: Brooke Palmer (Lionsgate)

Bloody Disgusting reports today that last October’s Jigsaw officially made enough money to keep the unkillable Saw franchise alive for another year, with Twisted Pictures confirming that the series’ ninth installment has now been put into development. Jigsaw writers Josh Stolberg and Peter Goldfinger will reportedly be back for the sequel, although the film’s directors, Peter and Michael Spierig, will not.

For those of you somehow unfamiliar with this particular branch of the torture-porn horror world, here’s what we can expect from this latest installment: Bad people will do a bad job solving bad puzzles, and then a bunch of razor blades will be inserted under their eyelids, presumably as part of some elaborate “lesson” about not putting razor blades into your eyes. The word “apprentice” will be used more times than it has any right to, outside a local Renaissance Faire. The timeline will be funky, mostly so the film’s plot can camouflage itself with the barest illusion of depth. Trike puppet will almost certainly appear. It will make $100 million. And we’ll all be back here in a year, because $100 million on a $10 million budget ain’t nothing to sneeze at. (Maybe one of the new traps will be about sneezing. That might be fun new twist.)


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