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Grab your head and scream: A Neon Genesis Evangelion theme park attraction is coming to Kyoto

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We have good news for everybody who watched Neon Genesis Evangelion’s characters suffer a litany of psychological and existential terrors and thought, “Hey! That seems fun!”: A theme park attraction in Kyoto, Japan is set to open soon and give guests the opportunity to pretend they’re living through an apocalypse where everyone has a horrible family.

A handful of photos tweeted by Kaiju News Outlet show the new section of the Toei Kyoto Studio park’s first publicized Evangelion attraction, which is, of course, a “49 foot tall ‘Rideable Eva’” modeled after the show’s big purple Unit-001 mecha/hellbeast. The imposing ride is shown standing in a murky pool of the show’s amniotic LCL fluid, extending a hand in a gesture that Evangelion viewers can tell you is the first theme park attraction to invite guests to symbolically return to the womb during a fun day out.


According to Hypebeast, “fans can also hop into an entry plug, the cylindrical cockpit device used to pilot Eva units,” though there’s no word yet on whether doing so will require wearing a skintight bodysuit and weird metal hair barrettes or having horribly traumatic parent issues.

Toei Kyoto Studio’s Evangelion attraction is set to open on October 3rd with previews beginning August 1st. Hopefully a few of our more pressing existential threats will be more fully dealt with by then so we can play around pretending it’s the end of the world instead of just feeling like we’re already living through it.

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