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Grab the nearest box of tissues, 'cause Don Hertzfeldt just teased World of Tomorrow: Episode Three

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Screenshot: World Of Tomorrow

Shhhh. Can you hear that? It’s the distant sound of thousands of Don Hertzfeldt fans uncontrollably sobbing at his teaser for the next entry in World of Tomorrow, his ongoing animated existential sci-fi short film series. Hertzfeldt’s first two entries were heartbreaking masterpieces of the medium and we expect nothing less from this third part, apparently subtitled The Absent Destinations of David Prime. If you’re properly emotionally prepared this early in the morning, check out the short teaser below that Hertzfeldt shared yesterday.

“It’s almost time,” the filmmaker tells us, we assume cheekily referring to all those cosmic expanses of emotion, memory, and mortality he somehow manages to delve into within the span of roughly 15 minutes. And though we don’t know much about Hertzfeldt’s latest, the introduction of a David Prime is probably a reference to the first World of Tomorrow’s art exhibit clone sequence.

Look, it all makes sense if you’ve seen the first two in the series, okay? There’s no official release date yet, which is good, since it’ll give us time to emotionally gird ourselves for whatever comes next.

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