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Gotham is planning a full episode starring a ridiculous weirdo who dresses like a bat

Can you even imagine?
Photo: Hulton Archive (Getty Images)

Gotham—a television show about noble detectives, sad little boys, and a city full of elaborate, crazy-as-fuck supervillains with no actual superheroes to fight—is apparently getting all silly in its final season, planning at least one episode fully centered on some sort of ridiculous character who dresses up like a bat. That’s per a recent Entertainment Weekly interview with frequent series guest star Cameron Monaghan, who’s played two different extremely Joker-like characters on the show without ever actually getting to call himself The Joker, because that’s what life is like in Gotham-land, folks.

That might be changing soon, though; Monaghan notes that he’s “been given certain liberties” in the show’s final season, which bears the subtitle “Legend Of The Dark Knight.” (Who?) He also notes that at least one episode of the show’s last run will be “a full-on Batman episode running around in the future,” suggesting yet another crazy weirdo menacing the city, this time dressed up as some sort of chiropteran menace. We can only hope budding vigilante Bruce Wayne is still around after the show’s planned 10-year time jump, there to strike terror into Winged Rodent Dude, or whatever this latest member of Gotham’s superstitious and cowardly lot ends up calling himself.


Gotham kicked off its final season last week.

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