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Gotham casts Colm Feore as The Dollmaker

Illustration for article titled iGotham/i casts Colm Feore as The Dollmaker

Soon after news of Gotham’s renewal, the show has decided to make good on a tease from an earlier episode. Deadline reports that Colm Feore has been cast as The Dollmaker in an upcoming episode of the DC series. (Feore brings with him some experience in the realm of comic book villains, having played King Laufey in Thor and Donald Menken in Amazing Spider-Man 2.) The character seems to be on a hot streak—this is the second incarnation of the villain to be announced this month, following news that “Weird Al” Yankovic would be voicing the character in the animated DC Universe feature Batman Vs. Robin.


In this latest version—which will presumably follow Gotham’s habit of being half gritty noir, half campy ham-fest—The Dollmaker is named Dr. Francis Dulmacher. It’s not clear yet if this will just be a fake name for Barton Mathis (the criminal who adopts the sobriquet in the New DC 52 version, from which Arrow and Batman Vs. Robin have already pulled the character), or if this is some new variant on the killer unique to Gotham. After masterminding a kidnapping scheme in the second episode of the series, The Dollmaker will hopefully continue his prime-time-friendly tradition of wearing the skin of his victims. There’s no word yet on when Feore will make his first appearance.

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