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Gossip Girl’s Leighton Meester joins Adam Pally’s time travel show

Gossip Girl

Leighton Meester—the star of Gossip Girl, That’s My Boy, and one of our own A.V. Undercover videos—has signed on for her first regular TV role in a couple of years, agreeing to appear as the female lead on Phil Lord and Chris Miller’s upcoming time travel pilot Making History. She’ll appear opposite Adam Pally, who plays the “unlikely” inventor of a time travel device that he uses in an attempt to right past mistakes—a motivation Meester will presumably be able to identify with, because, well… That’s My Boy.

The actress will play Deborah, a resident of 1775 America whose progressive views are mocked and ignored by the people in her community. Presumably, she runs into Pally’s character, Dan, on one of his time-traveling jaunts, and decamps for the 21st century, where at least we know enough to feel bad when we systematically oppress womankind. The series is being executive produced for Fox by Last Man On Earths Miller and Lord, and written by The Grinders Julius Sharpe.


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