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Gorillaz release exuberant, summery video, with help from Jack Black

Following yesterday’s announcement that their new album The Now Now will be hitting stores at the end of this month, Gorillaz dropped a music video for their new summer single, “Humility.” While the track itself features the stylings of jazz and funk guitar legend George Benson, the video features none other than Jack Black, who struts his stuff around Venice Beach alongside Jamie Hewlett’s cartoon creations. It’s enough to make you want to get out in the sunshine and strap on some roller skates.


For those keeping up with Gorillaz lore, this video also features the first (non-Instagram) appearance of the band’s newest member, Ace. Fans may recognize this green-skinned greaser as the leader of the Gangreen Gang from the Cartoon Network series The Powerpuff Girls. Now, he’s reportedly turned away from a life of juvenile crime and is playing bass in the band while their regular bassist Murdoc serves out a prison sentence for an undisclosed crime. Yes, that’s how crazy this backstory has gotten.

Just in case one new Gorillaz song (or the prospect of two albums in the span of a year) wasn’t enough for you, Albarn took it upon himself to drop a second single on the same day, sans official music video. The largely instrumental track “Lake Zurich” isn’t quite as bright and shiny as “Humility” but, if this is the general vibe we can expect from The Now Now, good things are on the way.

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