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Gorillaz are throwing their own festival, still don’t have a new album

(Image: Gorillaz)

In February, we reported that Gorillaz co-mastermind Damon Albarn had recently bumped into a fan and told him that the long-awaited new album from the cartoon band was finished, and that he was in the middle of rehearsing for a new Gorillaz tour. We still don’t know anything about that new album, but NME is reporting that Gorillaz did just announce that they’re holding their own festival later this year at England’s Dreamland Margate amusement park in Kent. The event will be held on June 10, and though no other acts have been announced, you’ll be able to buy tickets starting on Friday at this link.

You can see a poster for the festival below.

(Image: Gorillaz)

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